InfoWorld: Love and hate for Java 8


Java 8 brings exciting developments, but as with any new technology, you can count on the good, the bad, and the headaches


Thanks to Michael Brush who contributed significantly to this article. -- ACO

InfoWorld: How my company went 100 percent cloud



A drunk driver expedited our cloud migration. Here's how we swapped in-house apps for the cloud equivalents in record time

Last year I wrote about my New Year's resolution to go all-in with the cloud. I expected to do this gradually. Then disaster struck.

Integrating Workflow With Activiti

Authored by: Phil Rhodes, Senior Consultant at Open Software Integrators

“Workflow Engines” or “BPM” systems are quite a trendy topic these days.  Everywhere you turn, somebody is talking about BPM, BPMS, or Workflow.  So, what is all this stuff?  And how can you implement it in your organization with minimal expenditure and up-front risk?   These are some of the questions we will examine in this article.

Press Release: Open Software Integrators Partners With CloudBees To Provide Cloud-Based Solutions

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  • InfoWorld: How IT can learn to stop worrying and love the cloud

    clipart cloud


    PaaS speeds dev times and lowers risk for new apps -- so why does so much IT bureaucracy stand in the way?

    Press Release: Open Software Integrators Announces Partnership With Hortonworks

    Open Software Integrators Provides Hadoop Solutions in the Big Data Market

    DURHAM, N.C., July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Open Software Integrators, LLC (OSI), the open source professional services company, today announced a partnership with Hortonworks, one of the leading Apache Hadoop players in the big data market.

    InfoWorld: Why you should care about your local hackerspace


    Open centers of grassroots innovation, hackerspaces offer opportunities to source talent, create goodwill, and push technology forward

    This week I'm yielding the floor to Phil Rhodes, a senior consultant for my company, Open Software Integrators. I think you'll enjoy his take on the hackerspace movement. -- Andy Oliver

    InfoWorld: Improving K-12 education with shared data and open APIs


    A fragmented school system means siloed data, custom apps, and high costs, but education startup InBloom offers a better way with a common data store and APIs any app can use

    InfoWorld: Get real, Bill -- we do need more H-1Bs for tech workers

    Until we address underlying causes of developer shortage, we'll need all possible H-1B visas to keep the industry going

    Recently InfoWorld's own Bill Snyder wrote about the efforts by companies to increase the number of H-1B visas. His article parroted what the headhunters say: There's no shortage of qualified developers -- you just need to pay market rates.

    InfoWorld: Why PaaS? Dev, test, staging, no waiting

    Deploying directly to your production cloud is all right -- really -- thanks to modern PaaS and NoSQL options

    Maintaining and even funding an adequate dev, test, stage, and production environment or a reasonable subset requires lots of resources and discipline. A lack of resources in particular has often put developers in a bind. Even if you can afford to have a cluster of 128-core boxes for production, you may not have (or be willing) to find the funds for an environment that is used only once per quarter or however frequently you issue your releases.