Event: DevDroid Meetup August 21

Open Software Integrators is hosting the Triangle Android Developers Group! OSI will be providing pizza, drinks and wifi. 

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Location: (Instructions for parking can be found under Durham office directions)

Open Software Integrators

345 W. Main St. Suite 201

Durham, NC 27701


About the group:

Press Release: Open Software Integrators Wins Alfred P. Sloan Award for Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness & Flexbility

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  • InfoWorld: Java faces tough climb to catch up to .Net

    By the time Java 8 comes out, it'll be another two to five years behind .Net -- and Microsoft's coordinated front

    Expensify’s CEO David Barrett has an accounting problem

    It isn’t the number of hours you work, but what you accomplish

    Expensify’s CEO, David Barrett has an accounting problem.  He thinks that number of hours worked is a great way to judge work ethic.  In fact, his first post started kind of strong, but his follow up degraded into the kind of thing that points at two basic problems: an accounting problem and a project management problem.

    Event: Graph Database Durham Un-Meetup

    Sign up here!

    Based on the popular concept of an Un-Conference, we will have lightning talks based on who is doing interesting Graph things and who shows up. Additionally, we will do hands-on mentored 'up and graphing' labs for those aspiring graphistas and pair-graphing for those who want to explore a GraphDB idea.

    Come prepared to tell the crowd something interesting about your graph DB goodness!

    6:30 - Pizza & Bull City Burger Beer, yum

    7:00 - Welcome

    InfoWorld: What are graph databases good for? Here's a killer app


    Still using an RDBMS for friend-of-a-friend queries? Big mistake. Enlist a graph database using Neo4j instead

    Press Release: 10gen And Open Software Integrators Announce Partnership Supporting MongoDB

    10gen, the MongoDB company


    DURHAM, N.C., July 29, 2013 -- Open Software Integrators, LLC (OSI), the open source professional services company, today announced a partnership with 10gen, the MongoDB company and leading NoSQL database.

    InfoWorld: Love and hate for Java 8


    Java 8 brings exciting developments, but as with any new technology, you can count on the good, the bad, and the headaches


    Thanks to Michael Brush who contributed significantly to this article. -- ACO

    InfoWorld: How my company went 100 percent cloud



    A drunk driver expedited our cloud migration. Here's how we swapped in-house apps for the cloud equivalents in record time

    Last year I wrote about my New Year's resolution to go all-in with the cloud. I expected to do this gradually. Then disaster struck.

    Integrating Workflow With Activiti

    Authored by: Phil Rhodes, Senior Consultant at Open Software Integrators

    “Workflow Engines” or “BPM” systems are quite a trendy topic these days.  Everywhere you turn, somebody is talking about BPM, BPMS, or Workflow.  So, what is all this stuff?  And how can you implement it in your organization with minimal expenditure and up-front risk?   These are some of the questions we will examine in this article.