InfoWorld: Why PaaS? Dev, test, staging, no waiting

Deploying directly to your production cloud is all right -- really -- thanks to modern PaaS and NoSQL options

Maintaining and even funding an adequate dev, test, stage, and production environment or a reasonable subset requires lots of resources and discipline. A lack of resources in particular has often put developers in a bind. Even if you can afford to have a cluster of 128-core boxes for production, you may not have (or be willing) to find the funds for an environment that is used only once per quarter or however frequently you issue your releases.

Event: Neo4j Training at Durham's American Underground

Neo Technology

Are you wanting to learn more about graph databases, when to use them and how to get started? Open Software Integrators consultant Deep Mistry will instruct an introductory Neo4j Tutorial in Durham, NC at the American Underground on June 10.

Learn more and sign up below:


Neo4j Tutorial - Durham

InfoWorld: Down with file attachments! Hail to the Google Docs API update


With massively refreshed Google Docs/Drive APIs, use JavaScript to integrate to your heart's content, create new apps

Last year I started pushing everyone in my company to never send me attachments. I wanted a Dropbox share and a Google Drive share, as well as the ability to collaboratively edit with my coworkers. Nothing is more frustrating than a back-and-forth merge of three versions of the same ODT (the open source equivalent of a DOC) or OPD (the open source equivalent of a PPT) file. We were going to the cloud, like it or not.

R.I.P. JavaBlogs

Atlassian shut down JavaBlogs the original go-to blog aggregator for Java.  

In 2003, Atlassian launched JavaBlogs largely as a demonstration for their web frameworks.  This was before Jira became their flagship project and they discovered the market for developer tools in the form of web applications was considerably larger than proprietary Java web frameworks.  It was also somewhat of an outgrowth of an early list that Atlassian CEO Michael Cannon-Brookes kept of Java oriented blogs.  When my original blog and David Johnson’s list was added people finally started to take notice.  

InfoWorld: $200K for a computer science degree? Or these free online classes?

If you do the work, you can get a computer science education online rivaling that of the Ivy League. Here's a nice little curriculum for you

I've been taking free business courses online at Coursera, despite some annoying limitations. I love it, especially since I don't have a few years and a few hundred thousand bucks to blow attending our local business school -- which I'm sure is very good, but hey, I have a business to run.

The Missed Opportunity of Coursera

Open Software Integrators is my current and measurably successful shot at running a company.  The first pursuit reached so-called ramen profitability, and provided me with just enough profit to keep me feasting on Ramen Noodles or, in my case, canned beans but no more than that.

Andrew C. Oliver Wins Creative Codeversationalists Award

Congratulations to Andrew C. Oliver for being named one of the top 3 Creative Codeversationalists from Code Together for his blog in InfoWorld

Andrew C. Oliver is the president of Open Software Integrators, an open source evangelist and a constant force of innovation and quality content. We are so proud, congratulations!!!

See the original press release from Code Together below and check out their website at

Source: PR Newswire

Ubuntu 13.04 was a bumpy upgrade for NVidia

I have a two year old Dell Precision 4100 with a i7-2760QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, 16g (expandable to 32g), NVIDIA Corporation GF106GLM [Quadro 2000M], an 128g SSD and a supplementary regular hard drive. I keep it docked with a 30" monitor connected.

I've upgraded it through a few releases of Ubuntu. Most recently I upgraded to 12.10, which was a very smooth upgrade. A week or two later (today), I decided to upgrade to 13.04. That was less smooth.

Upon the first reboot I froze on a text-mode screen. I hit the power button and rebooted again. This time, I got a normal graphical login. Upon login I got my usual background but no launch bar or window manager.


InfoWorld: The 14 characters you meet as a coder

Super Intern


Are you a Developer Diva? Perhaps a Holy Priest of technology? Or maybe you're the Hipster Hacker from Hell? Let's find out ...


Developers often think of themselves as the only sane person in the room. This, as you may know, is also a trait of the clinically insane.

OpenRemote Community Event Chicago, June 4-5, 2013

OpenRemote Community Event Chicago, June 4-5, 2013

OpenRemote Inc, in collaboration with Open Software Integrators is hosting the first U.S. community event in the Windy City!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 9:00 AM - Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Building on the success of Open Remote's first event in Europe, we bring together community members, companies, and first-time users from all around the world. Through presentations, round tables and trainings we hope to support all of you and facilitate an exchange of experiences and learnings.