InfoWorld: How to create a data lake for fun and profit

The idea of data lakes has been fermenting, and now real companies are using them for real analysis. Here's why you might want one -- and how to create it

Most credit James Dixon of the open source BI vendor Pentaho with coining the phrase "data lake." Think of a data lake as an unstructured data warehouse, a place where you pull in all of your different sources into one large "pool" of data.

Event: Enterprise Data Services in the Cloud with MongoDB @TriMUG

OSI is excited to host TriMUG July 24 at the Full Frame Documentary Theater at the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham, NC! Listen to Naveen Malik, Principal Software Applications Engineer at Red Hat dicuss problems of moving enterprise services from a proprietary data centers into the cloud and how Red Hat IT is solving those problems.


Thursday July 24, 2014

Event: OSI talks MapReduce Jobs @TRiJUG

Don't miss OSI Senior Consultant Phil Rhodes at TriJUG July 21 6:30pm at DZone in Cary, NC! Phil will be discussing MapReduce, Hadoop, reviewing Java API, code samples, and alternatives such as Pig and Hive.


Monday July, 31 2014

6:30pm - 9pm


150 Preston Executive, Cary, NC 27513, Tel +1.919.678-0300


MapReduce Jobs

InfoWorld: The 10 worst big data practices

I can haz big data

It's a new world full of shiny toys, but some have sharp edges. Don't hurt yourself or others. Learn to play nice with them

Yes, you can haz big data. However, you can haz it the right way or the wrong way. Here are the top 10 worst practices to avoid.

Infoworld: DataStax Enterprise 4.5 Turbocharges speed and security

Leading column-family NoSQL database gets an enterprise-grade makeover, with blazing in-memory speed, Hadoop integration, and granular security controls

Infoworld: MongoDB grows up -- and shows off its enterprise cred

At the MongoDB World conference, the NoSQL darling got new enterprise-grade features and a Fortune 500 hug. Can MongoDB survive the embrace?

I'm an unabashed fan of MongoDB, the only NoSQL database just about everyone has heard of. Clients of my consultancy like MongoDB a lot because it performs well and scales out using commodity servers. Developers love it because it supports a flexible data model that makes building apps much easier than with SQL databases.

Interview with MongoDB CTO/Founder Eliot Horowitz

On my recent trip to MongoDB World in New York City, I interviewed MongoDB's CTO Eliot Horowitz about his recent announcement of Document Locking and the future of MongoDB.  You can watch it on youtube.

Interview with Teradata VP Chris Twogood and MongoDB's Vijay Vijayasankar

On my recent trip to MongoDB World in New York City, I interviewed MongoDB's Vijay Vijayasankar and Teradata's Chris Twogood about their recent joint announcement and Teradata's future in the Big Data and NoSQL world of Hadoop and MongoDB.  You can watch it on youtube.



InfoWorld: Get to know Cassandra, the NoSQL maverick

Cassandra may not get the NoSQL spotlight, but it's fantastic for certain jobs -- just ask Netflix and Instagram

What Hadoop and Big Data will mean to you -- An Executive Overview

When I was at JBoss I’d frequently be asked (usually at conferences), “Where will J2EE be in five years?” I would usually answer something that sounded good, but in the back of my head I always had the same answer: “irrelevance.” That future has happened to some degree: First J2EE was renamed JavaEE, but that is cheating. Second, the kind of companies that say “new JavaEE initiative” are usually running RPG, Mainframes and COBOL, and are doing this in the big company way (i.e. headhunter’s paradise).