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I plan to practice what we preach in 2013 and move to an all-in-cloud architecture. It's a tall order

Not all of us pundits at InfoWorld agree with each other, but regular readers can put together a kind of consensus architecture. That consensus represents the state of our industry and the thought leadership that is working to determine its near-future direction. As we approach the end of the year and finish off the first dirty dozen of the 2000s, it's useful to consider what lies ahead if we actually do everything we talk about. For me, this extends to a New Year's resolution: I plan to practice what we preach in 2013 and move to an all-in cloud architecture. Here's what that will entail.

Bring your own device
Frankly, BYOD is the prescription I have the most trouble with -- and the one that my own company is the most conservative toward. There are various legal, marketing, and staff development reasons for this. Nonetheless, BYOD a great positive force for our industry.

First of all, it means you must pursue a standards-based architecture: no lip service, no "requires Internet Explorer," no "visit the Apple Store," but go full-on HTTP-based architecture. This changes everything from your security architecture to the way your organization picks applications.

You can read the rest of my article over at Infoworld.

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